Permanent Makeup by Mary
Permanent Makeup by Mary

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Permanent Cosmetics has evolved into a fine art and represents
one of the simplest forms of cosmetic enhancements and maintenance available. Micropigmentation also known as dermapigmentation performed by Mary is virtually painless. This treatment that was
once available only to the rich and
famous is now available to anyone who wishes to look their best at all times.  
Now you can wake up with makeup
and look great from the time you
wake up till the time you go to
sleep. Each treatment at Permanent Makeup by Mary, is
customized to fit you, your wants and your lifestyle. Permanent cosmetics give you that fresh, flawless look all day long. Bring out your eyes with an enhancing
liner, create a fuller looking lip or get that great looking brow.



What is Permanent Makeup?


Permanent makeup is an aesthetic application of colorinto the skin much like body tattooing, designed to benefit anyone who wishes to enhance there features. Some of the other names this process is known by include micropigmentation, demographics, or micropigment implantation. It can be used to create the perfect eyebrows, enhance your eyes, accentuate the lip line, create an elegant full lip color, or give the illusion of thicker/ fuller hair.




 Who’s Getting Permanent Makeup?


Permanent makeup was once for the famous and rich not true anymore! Anyone who wishes to

enhance their appearance and look good know matter this is for you. Great option for
anyone who's allergic to traditional cosmetics. You know longer have to go around
with smudged, smeared makeup not to mention the skin and eye irritation “gone” It’s great for the
sports enthusiast play that game of tennis, swim, bike or whatever your into and 
always look your best knowing your makeup will stay put. And if you’re like
most of us always on the run with a hectic schedule permanent makeup can
save you time every
If you think it’s just for women think again. Many men want a more defined thicker brow. Or they want to bring out there eyes we can achieve this without a makeup look!




  How is Permanent Makeup performed?


During cosmetic implantation, tiny individual implants of pigment are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. There are several methods used today, including the traditional tattoo machines, the pen or rotary machines and the manual or hand method.



How much does Permanent Makeup hurt?


Because of the nature of the permanent cosmetics procedure, some patients may experience some discomfort according to their pain tolerance. There are ways of reducing discomfort which you must discuss with the professional who is performing your procedure.





For the welfare of mother and child we do not perform ANY service on mothers to be. (pregnant)

Or on anyone who is nursing. We also do not perform any service on individuals with certain medical Conditions or are taking certain medications. A free consultation is required for ALL in clients.


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